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Important notice

Please make sure you read and readme file before attempting to use any of this software and before complaining to me why something isn't working. Pretty much anything you need to know about the application is in there, including release notes, installation instructions, and runtime help.

You will require the Microsoft .NET Framework to run this software, available (for free) from Microsoft's Windows Update site.

Current releases

Application Dates
Half-Life WAD Configuration Manager
Version 1.2.0
Released: Saturday, 20th November 2010
Updated: Sunday, 5th August 2018
Caesar Cipher
Version 1.0.0
Released: Thursday, 31st January 2008
Updated: Thursday, 31st January 2008
Gas Meter Analyser
Version 1.0.0
Released: Saturday, 17th November 2007
Updated: Saturday, 17th November 2007
Play List Simlulator
Version 1.0.2
Released: Tuesday, 13th November 2007
Updated: Wednesday, 21st November 2007
Unreal Tournament 2004 Launcher
Version 1.1.0
Released: Saturday, 10th November 2007
Updated: Tuesday, 13th November 2007
Prime Number Tester
Version 2.0.0
Released: Friday, 2nd November 2007
Updated: Friday, 11th April 2008
Duke Nukem 3D for Windows Launcher
Version 0.3.2
Released: Thursday, 15th June 2006
Updated: Friday, 27th October 2006
Half-Life Ban Calculator
Version 1.0.7
Released: Monday, 3rd April 2006
Updated: Thursday, 15th June 2006

Most of these applications have the ability to check for updates. Please launch the application, click About, then click Check for updates to make it contact our website.

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