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Duke Nukem 3D for Windows Launcher
Duke Nukem 3D for Windows Launcher First released: Thursday, 15th June 2006
Latest version: Friday, 27th October 2006, version 0.3.2
Author(s): Adam Reece

This is a front end program to JonoF's Duke Nukem 3D port and EDuke32. It provides a graphical interface where you can select a game / add-on, various settings, and start up Duke 3D with them.

It eliminates the requirement to create batch files, shortcuts, or manually have to type in commands each time you load Duke 3D with different parameters.

There is also a HTML document included containing a list of all the episodes and levels, numbered and named to help you choose on the "Start on episode/level" option.

A discussion of this application is happening at 3D Realms forums.


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Size: 192.02 kB
MD5: 42ECB886FF81D845B7F46E47EDAE97A9

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